Conditions of Use

Trustme is a crowdfunding platform whose function is to service participatory funding in order to obtain financing for entrepreneurial projects through said platform (Titular Trustme Crowdfunding SL).

The platform enables participation of three types of users: Entrepreneurs (expose a project and its financing method), investors (investing altruistically or rewards), unregistered users (surfing the web in public parts of the web).

These terms and conditions govern access and use of the Platform Users. Users declare that they have read, understood and expressly accepted these terms and conditions of use prior to using any of the features of the Platform. The use of the Platform will have read, understood and accepted these conditions of use.

Company information

As set out in Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, then to Tustme is identified as head of the Platform and website:

Title: Trustme Crowdfunding, SL, a company registered in the Companies Registry of Madrid on July 16, 2015 in Volume 33604, Folio 74, Sheet M- inscription 1 with 604,841.
Registered Office: C / Manuel Pombo Angulo 24 Madrid 28050.
NIF: B87336202
Trustme reserves the right to change, modify, add, update, delete or any other action it deems regarding the contents of the platform as well as its design and structure of the web. updates in the corresponding sections of the website Trustme be published without being necessary to warn users therefore should regularly consult them.

All registered User consents Trustme and expresses the use of such content for features and purpose of the Platform, as described in this section.

Access to platform

Users who access the platform in order to be an entrepreneur and / or investor must compulsorily register in the system.

The data entered by the user to register, must be accurate, current and truthful at all times. Otherwise it is considered that are not meeting these conditions of use and can make immediate termination of your account. In any case, the user may register someone without proper authorization and express consent of the same.

The User guarantees the accuracy of the information provided at the time of registration and all that later could update, modify or provide the platform, so it will respond personally to Trustme against any possible claim, sanction and / or compensation could affect Trustme in relation to such information.

Users will be responsible at all times for the safekeeping of your password.

To register and use Trustme the user must be over 18 and have full legal capacity.

Trustme may at any time request in the form of an official document age. Failure to comply with these requirements, Trustme the right to temporarily disable and / or permanently cancel your account on the platform also reserves.

Rules governing the use of the platform

The User agrees at all times to correct and appropriate use of services and functionality provided by the platform Trustme in accordance with current regulations and, in general, the principles of good faith, respect for the rights and freedoms of third and public order. Therefore they prohibited any conduct that may be unlawful, illegal, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent or in general, that may prejudice the rights and legitimate interests of any Trustme, the public authorities, third parties, etc. Furthermore it is not allowed to introduce or spread data programs (viruses and harmful software) capable of causing damage to computer systems, unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, etc. Network

Users are responsible for the use of the Platform. Tustme commits to do everything in its power to monitor the legality of the shares on the website and reserves the right to retract a project for breach of the above content. Still, with regard to the content share as user Platform Trustme exempts from any liability, claim or sanction. The entrepreneur must guarantee that owns all intellectual property rights on the project presented in the Platform.

Trustme reserves all legal actions assist it in right and deems appropriate against the User or third parties for improper, illegal or otherwise use the legitimate interests, rights and freedoms of Trustme and / or third parties, including the claim for damages may suffer Trustme and / or third parties.

Privacy and data protection

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, Trustme Crowdfunding SL informs users of its web of existence of automated and non-automated files of personal data registered in the Spanish data Protection Agency, under its responsibility, for the purpose of maintenance, management and control of customer data and users to provide the services requested in the Platform.

To exercise rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation must be sent to the following email address

Public information project

Users by accepting these terms and conditions, accept that public or accessible project data entrepreneurs are estimated values, calculated taking into account the information provided by entrepreneurs and does not constitute financial, accounting or legal advice nor an economic assessment of the project by Trustme. They are accessible and visible to all users at least the general data and description of the project and the estimated project profitability entrepreneurs.

The User agrees to use accessible information on the web for the purposes and functions set out in the Platform without being authorized to use or disclose this information outside the Platform and trade relations that may be established following the use of the same .

Trustme reserves all legal actions assist it in right and deems appropriate against the User or third parties for misuse, illicit, illegal or contrary to the legitimate interests, rights and freedoms of Trustme and / or third parties, including the claim for damages and damages that may suffer Trustme and / or third parties as a result of the use of the Platform by the User.

Obligations of entrepreneurs

Users entrepreneurs by accepting these terms of use, ensure that all information, documentation and / or information provided on the project are accurate, complete, objective, updated and adjusted to reality.

Entrepreneurs are committed to communicating any changes of information, documentation and / or data provided to the platform by means of proper communication. In particular, it must be notified as quickly as possible any material changes that may affect the project and / or viability. Any change in the project may be reviewed by Trustme.

Trustme act to ensure publication of complete, accurate and updated information related to the projects published in the Platform information, but entrepreneurs are solely responsible for the accuracy, timeliness and sufficiency of such information. Users interested in making an investment, must verify that the information published is adequate, complete and truthful.

At any time it may require entrepreneurs to facilitate the documentation to verify the reality, accuracy and timeliness of the project and any additional information that may be necessary.

Project entrepreneurs are solely responsible for compliance with the commitments made in their projects.

Trustme is exempted from any liability which may be incurred by the entrepreneur for having provided incomplete information, false, fraudulent, subjective, inveraz, outdated and generally any information that does not correspond with reality and viability of the project. Users entrepreneurs Trustme remain harmless against any claims, penalties, damages or damage that may affect Trustme with regard to this clause.

Obligations of investors

The investor, once you decide to participate in a project, shall be obliged to finance the committed contribution to the project and freely established by the investor User. If the estimated and necessary to carry out the business project financing is not reached, no charge is not made within the selected by the investor's own contribution. Until the deadline for raising funding and scope successfully proposed financing, will not proceed to make any charge to the investor, should be a charity project office will be held at the time and closing time project achieved amount (fulfilled or not) will be transferred to the entrepreneur. It is possible that the intermediary electronic payment request to block the total or partial amount committed as a contribution by the investor User once it terms accepted and conditions of use of the Platform in order to ensure the viability of the commitment made by the investor. In the course of the collection period ends without the project has been able to raise the projected funding will proceed to release immediately the amount blocked as a guarantee of the committed contribution, without either blocking or unblocking that amount suppose cost to the user.

Similarly if the project raises the projected funding the investor agrees to Give you when the charge have sufficient balance.

Project entrepreneurs are solely responsible for compliance with the commitments made in their projects. Trustme mediate between entrepreneurs and investors, through communications, notices or reminders, to ensure proper compliance with the rewards committed by entrepreneurs in their projects.

Trustme will monitor projects being obligation of entrepreneurs duly informed of project status, obtaining financing and the effective time of the rewards.

On the platform there may be links or hyperlinks to external to the same or activities of third parties, that at no time are the responsibility of the Platform web pages. The destinations of these links are not under the control Trustme, and it is not responsible for the content of any websites destination of a link, or any link contained in a web page that is reached from a project Trustme website. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the user faults or disconnections in telecommunications networks that produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of service of the website while providing the same or prior.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property Platform: Trustme is a registered brand name of the holder so that users can not use, exploit, assign the graphic image, text, etc. of Trustme for any own without prior authorization activity expressed by the Platform.

intellectual and industrial projects uploaded to the platform property: Users guarantee under his responsibility projects registered in the Platform are original works created by themselves as well as brand, logo, trade name, etc. and not about copies or reproductions works of third parties that violate intellectual property rights. In addition to also ensure that you have the licenses and permits necessary for the publication of any corporate video explaining the project and publish in the Platform. Trustme reserves the right to cancel projects Users who have been detected fraudulent publication or the terms discussed above

Trustme shall have no right of ownership or operation on public projects. However, the entrepreneur authorizes Trustme so you can make use of content, images, videos, trademarks, service marks or other elements of the projects and their creators in order to disseminate both the project and the platform itself.

Cancellation policy

Trustme may cancel any project if considered to have infringed the rules set out in these terms and conditions. Similarly, it reserves the right to terminate access to the Platform for those users who misuse it.

The entrepreneur may cancel your project and unsubscribe in the Platform informing Trustme through the proper procedure. If the entrepreneur leaves the project and has not obtained the minimum or startup funding there will be no cost to him. However, if the entrepreneur user chooses not to carry out the project once it has received 100% of the amount requested will be obliged to return all the money investors and bear the costs and damages that may eventually suffer so much users as Trustme.


In Trustme we ensure the protection of our users so if you detect any possible infringement Trustme than expected under these conditions and / or regulations in force, you can notify us through an email to the following address info @

The platform contains strong security measures but the user is solely responsible for guarding your passwords to the web. Trustme may inform the competent authorities and / or collaborate with them in relation to any possible violation of the current legislation that is detected.

Change and / or cessation of activity

In the event that Trusme be transferred (by sale or otherwise), the new entity will have access to information, content and data platform. This new entity will comply with the obligations under the present conditions of use and the privacy policy and cookies Platform, in accordance with Spanish legislation on data protection.

In the event that Trustme ceases trading mechanisms to continue paying all or part of the services they promised be established.

Conflicts of interest

Managers, senior managers and employees of the Platform may not engage in activities that may lead to a conflict of interest or make improper use or disclose confidential information.

Applicable legislation

Trusme use by users in a country different from Spain will be under their responsibility. The user is solely responsible for complying with the laws of the countries from which you access the Platform.

The terms and conditions described herein are governed by Spanish law and the common law, for any dispute or disagreement in the provision of services to users of the platform on those aspects that are not expressly defined here. Users and the Contractor waive any other applicable law.

If any clause included in these general conditions of use and recruitment be declared totally or partially void, it will be affected only that provision or part thereof, subsisting the general conditions in everything else